About pregnancy

The Mother of All Pregnancy Books: an all-Canadian Guide to Conception, Birth and Everything in Between by Ann Douglas ( I like her books because it is a Canadian context and she is down to earth and offers lots of evidence-based research information)

About labour and birth

  • The Birth Partner by Penny Simkin (a comprehensive book)

Resources in the community

About Breastfeeding


The Doula Support Foundation Book List


Pregnancy, Birth, and the Newborn – Penny Simkin

The Mother Of All Pregnancy Books, 3rd Edition Paperback – Ann Douglas

The Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy for Lesbians – Rachel Pepper

Pride and Joy: A Guide for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Trans Parents – Sarah and Rachel Hagger-Holt

The Mother’s Guide to Sex: Enjoying your sexuality through all stages of motherhood – Anne Semans and Cathy Winks

Like a Mother: A feminist journey through the science and culture of pregnancy – Angela Garbes


Birth Partner 5th Edition: A Complete Guide to Childbirth for Dads, Partners, Doulas, and All Other Labor Companions – Penny Simkin

The Doula Book: How a Trained Labor Companion Can Help You Have a Shorter, Easier, and Healthier Birth – Marshall H. Klaus, MD, John H. Kennel, MD, and Phyllis H. Klaus.

Birthing from Within – Pam England and Rob Horowitz

A Modern Woman’s Guide to a Natural and Empowering Birth – Katrina Zaslavsky

The Doula’s Guide to Empowering Your Birth: A Complete Labor and Childbirth Companion for Parents to Be – Lindsey Bliss

Birth: The Surprising History of How We are Born – Tina Cassidy

Babies are not pizzas : they are born not delivered – Rebecca Dekker

(for the French community)

Une naissance heureuse – Bien vivre sa grossesse et son accouchement – Isabelle Brabant

Nos cours prénataux à la maison – Se préparer à l’accouchement en 7 leçons Isabelle Roy et Sylvie Thibault


Dr Jack Newman’s Guide to Breastfeeding – Jack Newman and Teresa Pitman

The Nursing Mother’s Companion, The Breastfeeding Book Mothers Trust, from Pregnancy Through Weaning, 7th Edition – Kathleen Huggins


The Fourth Trimester – Kimberly Ann Johnson

The First Forty Days – Heng Ou

The Baby Sleep Book – Dr. Sears