About Me

Mother and grandmother

I am a mother of three grown-up children and a young grandmother of two grandchildren. I have always loved everything about pregnancy, birth and infants, even though it can be messy and chaotic just as family life can be at time. I am passionate about these intense moments. They are important.

Why I wanted to be a doula

Seeing my daughter being pregnant, making her own choices about birth and breastfeeding, and helping her a little during the postpartum period, reignited this latent passion in me about the beginning of motherhood. It is around the same time that I heard about what a birth doula was and I knew immediately that I wanted to be one.


As a matter of fact, thirty years ago, even before the word doula as used today existed, I supported one of my best friends during her birth. This is a moment that I still cherish. Even though I was neither trained nor prepared (except that I had given life to two children at that time), this birth experience would not have been the same for her if she had not had that emotional and physical support. It was a gesture of sisterhood as it has always existed before the medicalization of birth, which is exactly the role of a doula. When I had the opportunity to go back to school (when my kids were old enough), midwifery would have been my first choice, but I did not have enough science background and the uncertainty of being accepted , so I chose to be a translator instead, since I was already bilingual.

Children in my life

Children have always been part of my personal and professional life. First I have my own three children, and I have work as a French daycare educator for about 10 years and another 10 years as a French editor/translator for Scholastic, a children’s book publisher. So between bringing up my children, being an early childhood educator, translating and editing many children books, I can say that children has been on my mind most of my life, and it keeps going with my grandchildren.

A new beginning

My husband (who has just retired) and I moved north of Kingston in 2018 after living more than 25 years in Toronto. So it is a new beginning in a way, and being a doula is part of it.  

I have a tremendous respect for the labour and birth process and I am surprised by how much more medicalized birth process has become over the years. As a doula, I want to humanize the process, regardless of the choices you are making. I really believe that continuous emotional support is one of the most important element to have a positive birth experience and I can provide that.

Doula training

So here I am now, a DONA International trained doula. I am delighted to give emotional and physical support to birthing people and happy to provide all the information and resources that you may need. Mainly, I really see my role as a servant to the birthing person. It is all about caring and respecting your needs and wishes, and giving you confidence and pride.

Breastfeeding support

I am a mom who breastfed her three children and I also have taken a 20 hour breastfeeding course in 2019. So, I believe I can be a good resource to get you on a good start with breastfeeding if you chose to do so.

The Doula Support Foundation (DSF)

The DSF is a non-profit in Kingston that offers doula care to low-income family as well as bereavement doula services for people who live a pregnancy or infant loss. I am the Fundraising Director and I believe that the doula care model put into place is highly valuable. You can check the website here.

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